Discover the Natural Beauty & Appeal of Middle Tennessee

Explore the Region’s Outdoor Adventures,
History, Culture & Other Attractions

Middle Tennessee boasts a diverse mix of timbered acreage, vast prairies, mountains and stunning waterfalls — all providing the perfect backdrop for residents to live, work and enjoy the great outdoors. This stunning setting is where United Country Real Estate | Tennessee Home & Land proudly operates.

Located in southern Jackson County within the Upper Cumberland region, we are deeply tied to the land and communities that call this place home. This area is a hub for outdoor adventurers who love hunting, camping, fishing, boating and other recreation. Multiple state parks stand out, including Cummins Falls State Park, which is only 30-40 minutes from our real estate office in Granville.

Middle Tennessee’s moderate cost of living, combined with its rich history and culture, make this region of the state an attractive destination for those seeking a connection with nature without straying far from the comforts of community living.

Let’s take a closer look at several counties we serve in this market and what makes them so appealing to locals and visitors alike.

Jackson County


A true gem offering 125 sparkling lakes, oak-hickory forests and sprawling farmland, Granville is an ideal location for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. The T.B. Sutton General Store stands as a testament to Tennessee of yesteryear, with its preserved architecture and charming ambiance. Several museums in town also cater to those who appreciate nostalgia and cultural heritage in “Tennessee’s Mayberry Town.” Multiple annual festivals and events bring the community together, and the Wildwood Marina on the shore of Cordell Hull Lake provides endless outdoor activities, from boating and fishing, to lodging lakeside, and live music entertainment.


This is the county seat of Jackson County, and along with Granville, borders the Cordell Hull Lake Wildlife Management Area. This paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and outdoor sportsmen spans across 25,000 pristine acres and is a prime spot for fishing, hunting, bird watching and hiking. It’s all about unspoiled natural beauty and preservation of Tennessee’s wild side. There are also quite a few parks and recreation areas along Cordell Hull Lake on the Cumberland River System in Gainesville. History buffs should visit the Jackson County Historical Museum, as well as Roaring River Distillery in town.

Putnam County


A highlight within Putnam County and Tennessee as a whole, Cookeville is a city that seamlessly blends education excellence and natural beauty. Tennessee Tech University here is a cornerstone of higher education and innovation in learning. In addition, there always seems to be something going on in Cookeville, but maybe nothing more popular than the annual Putnam County Fair and its vibrant mix of entertainment, agricultural showcases and carnival rides. For fun outdoors and indoors, be sure to visit the 262-acre Cane Creek Park & Recreation Area, featuring the namesake fishing lake, sports facilities, a bike trail, and disc golf course. Also check out the beautiful Cummins Falls State Park for one of the best swimming holes in America, and the Window Cliffs Natural Are a for its limestone cliffs and remarkable “windows” or natural bridges, with hiking trails leading to breathtaking views of the falls.


A quaint and charming Putnam County town, Baxter exudes a warm, community-focused atmosphere. Visit the DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards, an ideal destination for wine aficionados or those looking for a romantic setting to savor local wines and engage in vineyard tours. For area history and other local attractions, head to the Baxter Depot Museum & Visitors Center.

Silver Point

Known for its natural beauty and stunning landscapes, Silver Point serves as a perfect escape for those seeking peace and adventure. Explore Edgar Evins State Park, a 6,000-acre haven for boating, fishing and hiking, nestled along the shores of Center Hill Lake. For a unique and delicious dining experience, try the Blue Water Grille, right on the lake.


Algood radiates a strong sense of comradery and tradition, reflecting the rich cultural fabric of the Upper Cumberland region. It proudly hosts the Annual Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival, drawing in crafters and artists from all around. This festival, set against Algood’s friendly atmosphere, highlights the artistic and cultural heritage of Tennessee, offering workshops, exhibits and a colorful display of quilting artistry. For recreation within city limits, consider these various spots.

DeKalb County


This city, along with the DeKalb County area, is characterized by rolling hills and vibrant community life. The pristine Center Hill Lake, the crown jewel of the county, offers all kinds of water recreation and serves as a serene retreat. A couple of the most popular and well-attended annual events include the Smithville Fiddler’s Jamboree and the DeKalb County Fair. The latter is held over in Alexandria. But the Jamboree is right in Smithville each July – and for free since 1972 – with food, crafts, music and dance competitions, and more.

White County


Burgess Falls State Park and Natural Area is the standout in Sparta. Located on the Falling Water River, the park features 250-foot waterfalls, great fishing and picnic areas (but no swimming allowed). Wildflowers and wildlife also thrive here. Those seeking a more strenuous, 9-mile hike – albeit amid stunning natural beauty – should check out Virgin Falls, also in Sparta. Are you an avid golfer? If so, head to RiverWatch Golf Club & Resort, Tennessee’s first 18-hole championship course. There are also several historic sites in the city, some integrated into small parks. Start with a stroll in Liberty Square for some historical insight and a look at the classic Oldham Theatre.

Van Buren County


Inviting adventure and natural wonders, Spencer provides a charming atmosphere and Fall Creek Falls State Park, where you can find the iconic Fall Creek Falls. Visitors from near and far are drawn to this roaring vision with cascades and gorges surrounded by dense forest — an ideal setting for camping and hiking in Middle Tennessee’s natural splendor. There’s even an 18-hole golf course within the park itself! For a more unique experience in Spencer, check out the Dead Zero Shooting Park, which is veteran-owned and has programs for all ages.

Warren County

Rock Island

Rock Island is almost entirely about one thing, and that’s the namesake Rock Island State Park. The park is a spectacular destination that captures the essence of Tennessee’s outdoor offerings. It’s an incredible paradise for adventures and nature lovers and features roaring waterfalls and the tranquil Caney Fork River. Its diverse array of activities including kayaking, hiking and bird watching, caters to all nature lovers.